Generation Z is taking their stance globally, and many brands are trying to stay ahead of the game and avoid bankruptcy. Gen Z has their own unique perspective and outlook when it comes to its wants and needs. Companies will need to adapt how they want to sell their brand and attract these Gen Z’s. Reinventing your CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) is the most effective way to captivate Gen Z’s interest. Let’s dive deep into how to do it efficiently and stay relevant.

Transforming Trends

A good and reliable trend related to packaging are either; changing the physical structure of the package to make it more accessible and easier for couriers and consumers to handle, or by changing the graphics or description fonts on the packages themselves to promote the brand’s motto and vision, and appeal to the Gen Z’s. Although this is a good trend and has been used for decades, it couldn’t sustain itself in the modern world and its Gen Z’s occupants. Companies would lose profit faster than they are making if Gen Z’s aren’t interested in the brand, and ignoring the packaging will definitely alienate the Gen Z’s.

The first thing that must be done is to do extensive research on Gen Z’s themselves. Having a clear and detailed insight into your demographics would make headways on keeping your brand relevant. Streamline your packages so they’re easier to handle and don’t require heavy or difficult tools. Furthermore, make a variety of containers so that every kind of person with all sorts of abilities can be covered and doesn’t have to struggle just to open a package. For example, the P&G’s etched Herbal Essences bottles for people with vision impairment or Unilever and Degree’s accessible deodorant for people with limb disabilities.

Changing the structure of the packages’ structure would not be enough, as the packages need to look exciting and fresh to attract Gen Z’s attention. Gen Z’s are culturally more diverse and equipped with a more specific taste than Gen X or Millenials, hence why they would only take an interest in a brand when it calls them on a personal level. This is a demographic calculation that CPG’s have to adapt and implement to successfully engage the Gen Z’s and stay relevant for years to come without the fear of going broke.

In Conclusion

The Gen Z’s have now entered the world’s market. Remember these points stated above and solidify your brand in the Gen Z era.

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