Desktop A desktop computer is not particularly a portable device, its purpose is to be used at a working surface or desk, unlike a laptop. A desk top computer will often provide a lot more power than any laptop, allowing it to store more data and provide extra value to you as a user. The following are a few ways to ensure you are maximising your desktops potential.


Electrical Checks

A desktop computer requires a connection to an electrical circuit when in use, whether it be located in your home or work office. A desktop computer is heavily relied on for work purposes as well as gaming activities, making it a distressing inconvenience when accessible or safe power is unavailable. It is important that you ensure which ever electrical circuit that your desktop is connected to is safe from damaging your desktop. Some electrical circuits can do more damage than good to a desktop when unsafe or hazardous electrical products are connected to the same circuit. In order to successfully avoid your desktop computer from being damaged by other devices connected on your circuit, ensure it meets the standard electrical checks. Northern Lights are registered master electricians, specialising in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical services. They offer electrical house wiring Auckland as well as test and tag Auckland to ensure your circuit won’t damage your desktop.


Uninterruptible Power Supply

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will provide you with the opportunity to successfully use your desktop at all times, even in the event of a power outage. As desktop computers require an electrical connection, there is nothing more inconvenient than not having access to it in times of need. Whether your desktop is located at your home or office check if the connected electrical circuit has a connected and maintained UPS. If you find your electrical circuit is in need of UPS installation or UPS maintenance get in touch with Northern Lights Data. One of Auckland’s Leading UPS installers specialising in UPS maintenance, UPS installation, computer room cooling and many other power protection services. A UPS will also provide you with the opportunity to save any work or pause any gaming activities when the power is turned out, rather than having to lose all of your hard work.


Professional Maintenance & Repairs

A desktop computer contains so much power that it is no surprise it will likely need regular updates, maintenance or repairs. The Core specialise in desktop repairs and laptop repairs, providing Windows PC repairs, MacBook repairs and Apple repairs for all desktop computers. Get in touch with the team at The Core to achieve optimal use of your desktop computer today.