First of all… Why? Why do you need to create a strategic content calendar? For many reasons, the answer is quite simple really. Not only will content calendars save you time overall, it will also assist in keeping you accountable and organised within your marketing efforts. Another added bonus is that it allows you to plan your content in large increments which gives you the opportunity to see the plan as a whole rather than just the individuals posts. This will assist in avoiding any double ups and can ensure that there is a range of mediums being used throughout your content.

By planning your content in advance you will also be able to put more thought and effort into your marketing campaigns as you will have more time leading up to the event. There are so many important dates that businesses often miss due to insufficient planning. Did you know that International Day of Yoga is coming up? Most people wouldn’t. However, if you are a yoga business you could create a great marketing event out of it.


Step One – Gather Assets

The first step is to create a folder that contains all of your potential social media assets. Within the folder, break it down into subfolders to make it that little bit easier. Do you follow a template when posting on social media? Perhaps you like to post a quote every 6th image? Well create a folder that contains just quotes, a folder with videos, etc.

By accumulating all of your assets together in one place, it will allow you to determine what you have to work with and will avoid you missing any valuable content. It also is the perfect opportunity to determine which assets you may need to go and update.

Also keep in mind what you are wanting your content ratio to be. Do you want an even mix of videos, user generated content, inspiration quotes and product shots for example? Or do you want one material to be shown more regularly than the others?. It is helpful to start thinking about this now whilst you are sourcing your content as it will help you determine the answer once you know what you have to work with.


Step Two – Themes / Templates / Style

Now that you have all of your assets in one place, it will be much easier to determine what style and theme you are wanting to achieve. A great way to stay on track here is to create a mood board with your colour theme, font choice and any other inspiration that can contribute. If you are ever feeling lost when planning your content, all you need to do is revisit your mood board to become re-inspired.

If you are wanting a structured appearance on your social media pages, particularly with your Instagram grid, create a template so that you can follow it when scheduling your content.


Step Three – Plan it out   

The fun part (for some), where you get to put all of your ideas down into fruition. It is entirely up to you how you want to schedule your posts, whether you want to do it manually and create an excel document or if you want to use a social media marketing platform that schedules and publishes the content for you. There are many great, free platforms, such as Later or Hootsuite, that are available which will allow you to create your content marketing calendar that will automatically publish the posts for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.


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