Technology is growing at an exponential rate. Just look at the last decade. In just 10 years, many smart technologies made their mark in history, with the likes of smart cars and smartphones, and some even embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI), to name a few. Now is the time for the manufacturing side of things to be introduced to the technology.

Definition of Smart Manufacturing

In essence, manufacturing is an activity of producing goods or crafts that have value and can be sold or bought to and by other people or groups. The manufacturing process is usually done by an individual or a group of people. As we’ve begun to enter the smart industry (Industry 4.0), automated technologies have mainly done this process. No longer should a person manufacture goods manually that can take hours at a time. In comparison, an automated machine could get it done in way less time and more efficiently. On the other hand, the artisans could lend their expertise to oversee said machines so they can create the goods impeccably. Collaboration all around to fully utilize the smart manufacturing potential.


Manufacturers need their supply chain to run smoothly for the goods to be advertised for the public and sold. With the introduction of smart manufacturing, the supply chain process will go through significant development. Usually, the manufacturer has several others nearby who can produce specific goods needed to complete a particular product. For example, a computer manufacturer will require goods from others to complete its product, ranging from the processor to the graphic cards, and that process will take time. Now with the age of smart manufacturing, its ecosystem will be fully digitalized. Gone are the days of pending requests or replies as we welcome a seamless fabrication and delivery process to all related intermediaries.

In Conclusion

Smart manufacturing is one of the best implementations of smart technologies. Its ground-breaking yet straightforward impact will enhance the quality of life for all human beings. Through the reasons listed above, let’s embrace the change and step into a better future.

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