Marketing plays an integral role in any business, whether yours is a small to medium, locally operated company or a multinational organization with offices all over the globe. Marketing, which broadly refers to the series of actions that companies do to promote their products or services, encompasses so many new activities, mostly influenced by modern technologies such as smartphones and computers. Such activities are social media, multi-channel advertising and promotion, and comprehensive customer service, among others. As a company whose core competency may be manufacturing a specific product, developing solutions, or providing a unique service, you might not have the expertise or resources to develop specific marketing strategies for your firm. Whether it’s financial services marketing, IT marketing, law firm marketing, or technology marketing, marketing specialists and agencies can provide services that can help you achieve your business objectives with more precision.

5 Benefits of Choosing a Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists provide unbiased perspectives on your business’ financial services marketing or insurance marketing objectives.

Having an in-house marketing team to support your marketing objectives has its own benefits. However, some in-house marketers who have an in-depth knowledge of your products and services may have a difficult time objectively building smart strategies that are achievable. The Arc Reactions blog writes that it’s important to gain an understanding of your products and services from the point of view of your customers. It’s also important that if you are a financial services company aiming to improve your financial services marketing or insurance marketing, that you identify your customer’s needs and tailor your marketing strategies to these needs.


Gain access to expertise on industrial marketing, manufacturing marketing, or any field your business operates in.

The truth is, there is a marketing skills gap. The State of Skills: Digital Marketing 2018 report reveals that there is a large gap between corporate marketers and digital natives, who are more in tune with today’s digital marketing landscape, which encompasses social media, SEO, and online advertisements. While corporate marketers may be more familiar with traditional offline marketing, digital natives can provide expertise on how to market a business’ products and services where their customers are: online. Hiring a marketing specialist who deals with digital strategies will help your business gain access to expertise in the different types of digital marketing strategies that will help promote your business as effectively as you can. The skills gap may be present in your in-house marketing team. To bridge this gap, you can team up with a marketing specialist or a marketing agency that can aid you in developing smart industrial marketing or manufacturing marketing strategies that will create better business outcomes.

Increases productivity.

The skills gap reported in in The State of Skills: Digital Marketing 2018 is problematic because while corporate marketers achieved high sores for offline marketing strategies, they fared unsatisfactorily in technical requirements. Such examples include social media, search engine optimization or SEO, and programmatic advertising. Having an in-house team learn about these highly technical aspects of marketing will cause delays and hinder productivity, not to mention increase costs. Hiring a marketing specialist or a marketing agency will give you access to professionals who already have the necessary skills to execute these marketing activities. Not only will outsourcing help you focus on what you do best, it will also free up your employees’ time to increase productivity on business processes that they are already experts at.

Benefit from the latest technology.

As a business in, for example, the law sector or education industry, your core competency most likely lies in what you provide best—educational services and legal counsel, respectively. You may not, however, have sufficient technologies and the skills to use them to develop smart marketing strategies for your business. Hiring a marketing specialist or a marketing agency to aid you in education marketing or law firm marketing will provide you with much needed guidance and continued support throughout the implementation of your marketing strategies. Marketing tools and technologies are key in developing marketing strategies, as it is these tools that provide great insight on performance and help develop better strategies for the future.

Decreases overall costs.

Cutting costs is always a benefit for any business. But paired with the benefits previously listed, it’s a definite win for any company. Outsourcing your industrial marketing or manufacturing marketing will put savings back into your marketing budget. According to Mindfactory, a large portion of internal marketing budgets are taken up by people, systems, and facilities. By outsourcing this to a marketing specialist or a marketing agency, you’ll save as much as 10% to 30% of your overall marketing spending.

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