As an adult, planning birthday parties can be stressful as you may not have done that for a while, let alone planning a successful and fun party. Like any endeavor, several things on the checklist need double-checking and ticking off before the party starts. To help you ace the party planning process, we’ve come up with the four ultimate things to note to ensure a fun and enjoyable party. 

Assign a Mingle Person 

Have you ever been to one of those parties where you absolutely know no one and just dread being there every second of it? Well, you wouldn’t feel this way if there’s a designated mingle person assigned by the host for the purpose of making conversations with people who seem alone and linking strangers together for conversations. Find a relative, friend, or family member that is warm, friendly, and can talk their way through anything, and assign the glorious ‘mingle person’ title to them. 

Be Detailed when Sending Invitations

Chances are, most of us have shown up to a party dressed too casually or formally. This will unlikely be the case if the host gave detailed information on what’s expected of the guests. Keep in mind that aside from the dress code, it’s highly recommended that hosts jot down the end time of the party. This is so that guests are able to plan their day and fit other appointments around the event. If gifts are not appreciated, but envelopes of cash are, then simply print some symbols or gentle reminders on the invitations to prevent miscommunication and unmet expectations. 

Plan and Stick to a Budget

Being flexible is indeed one of the most important traits of life, however, when it comes to budgeting for parties, a little flexibility could push you down the rabbit hole and result in you spending way too much. This is precisely why budgeting should be your number one priority. Be honest and realistic with yourself, and work the activities, venues, and decorations around the budget. 

Try to Accommodate Your Guests

Whether your party has 5 attendees or 50, make sure to understand and accommodate their needs. For instance, there may be a vegetarian or a vegan in your party, then try to make sure they’re not left out when everyone else is having a non-vegetarian or non-vegan meal. Provide heaps of options and take note of your guests’ dietary preferences. Before booking party entertainments, make sure to double-check if anyone is afraid of clowns, or other objects and roles. Ensuring that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the entertainment will allow you to have a smooth party. 

What’s Next? 

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