The surroundings in your home can have a significant impact on your mood. Whether it is what you see, hear, or smell, all these senses have more or less influence on your emotions. If your room seems gloomy, or you have bad memories in there that you wish to get rid off and start the new you. It is time to rearrange your home into a brighter, livelier, optimistic atmosphere. Here we gather 5 easy ways you can bring positive energy into your home.



Natural Sunlight & Fresh Air


Rise and shine. Do not be afraid of opening curtains and windows to let the sunshine and fresh air in your room. Vitamin D produced from the sunlight, surprisingly boosts up your mood and will make you feel happier almost immediately right after you are in the sunlight. Clean window glasses and remove anything that is blocking the sunlight shining through. 

Moreover, opening windows and letting fresh air in also improves a better air flow circulating around your house. Although it may not be as quiet and peaceful as keeping them close, listening to nature sounds for a few minutes a day will make a difference to your mood. These are the most impactful ways to increase the positivity and livelier atmosphere in your home.



Make Your Bed


As simple as it may sound, to be honest this is quite a challenge. However, if you are able to achieve this as a morning routine, it will make a difference. An organized environment can set the positive tone for the rest of the day. Performing this simple task can give you the sense of accomplishment and encouraging you to perform another, which results in an increase in your productivity.



Add Scent


Smells can impact a lot of things, stress, emotion, concentration as well as memory. Keeping your house clean then topping it with an essential oil diffuser will instantly bring positive energy into your house.  Depending on which scent you are using, lavender scent can help with releasing relaxed hormones which will make you feel happier and able to rest well at night. Whereas peppermint scent can make you feel less tired and give you more energy. 



More Plants or Flowers


Waking up and looking at green leaves or colourful flowers first thing in the morning will surprisingly lighten up your day. According to the behavior studies, people who have flowers or plants placed around their house tend to be more optimistic, energetic, as well as find it easier to connect with people. Not only can they bring the positive vibe into your home but also act as an air purifier, detoxifying any toxin inside your house. 


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Leave some post-it notes around


One of the ways that can keep you positive and motivated is to write down inspiration or creative quotes and paste them where they are visible clearly. Once you feel positive from the inside, now you are able to carry positivity around wherever you go and spread them around to other people. 


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