Nowadays, we rely on electricity for so many things in our lives, therefore it is essential to ensure that the electrical wiring in our household is always in excellent conditions. However, sometimes your electrical wiring may be faulty without you knowing. Bad wiring at home is a safety hazard and it may be a matter of life or death, hence you need to take it very seriously.

In this article, we will go through a few tell-tale signs that your electrical wiring is faulty and need some professional wiring help.


Pay Attention for Flickering, Buzzing, or Dimming Lights

If your lights buzz when they are turned on, or they flicker or dim when you use multiple appliances at once, this is a definite sign that you might need some help with residential electricians Auckland. Dimming or flickering lights may simply indicate loose or poor wiring – in that case, tightening the loose bulbs or upgrading the switches may solve the problem. If it doesn’t, however, there might be a house-wide problem that needs the attention of a Master Electrician. They can help you with light switch wiring NZ or wiring a power point NZ


Frayed, Ripped, or Chewed Wiring

Some old house wiring types may be frayed and damaged due to their old age. Others may be caused by rodents or pets that continuously chew on the wires, which can be dangerous and easily spark a fire. It presents serious risks to your house, therefore if such a problem is found or suspected, you need to immediately contact an electrician in Auckland to inspect and replace your old wiring with new ones.


Watch Out for Burnt Smell and Odd Odors

A burning smell around your house may come from overheating and burning power outlets, electrical switches, or electrical panels. This may be caused by numerous factors, such as overloaded circuit and fuses, inadequate voltage, or ripped wires. Burning smell means that fire damage has already started somewhere, hence it is crucial that you have it fixed by an electrical professional immediately. In addition, you should stop using the power outlet or switch immediately until it has been looked into and fixed by an electrician.


Rewiring your house is no easy task. It carries numerous safety concerns, therefore be sure you speak with an expert electrician to do the job. If you notice one or more signs from the above list, contact a qualified Auckland commercial electricians such as Northern Lights for assistance in Auckland electrical services.