We’ve heard all the headlines on the dangers of not charging your iPhone correctly. On top of that, we’ve heard even more on how best to charge it. Should we wait till our phones hit 0% to charge? Do we have to remove our phones from the charger as soon as it hits 100%? Can we leave it longer? Can we charge it overnight? What’s the whole deal with charge cycles affecting total battery life?

These are all questions we have when we get a brand new phone into our palms and if you’re concerned about how best to elongate battery life and charge your iPhone correctly, here are some top tips.

  1. Don’t let your phone drain down to 0%

This myth has been busted and we’re here to confirm it. You don’t have to let your phone completely drain before you charge it. Apple has made a statement themselves saying your phone battery functions on cycles. Read more about it on their blog on why lithium-ion batteries debunk the whole debate.

  1. Charging your phone overnight: yes or no?

This one is a bit tricky. Tech repair giants like PCMag, the Verge and even official Samsung website have confirmed that it would be optimal to avoid charging your phone after it hits 100% but it’s not a die-hard rule. Most chargers are designed to curb power supply after your phone hits 100% but optimally, try to remove it. The takeaway point here is if you happen to plug your phone overnight and wake up randomly in the middle of the night, unplug it. You don’t need an alarm to do it, but it’s a good practice to help with charge cycles. 

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  1. Do I need branded chargers for safe charging?

This one has been debated quite a bit but for all iPhone users, the query has been put to bed. Apple confirmed that thair branded chargers are designed to help prevent phones from overheating and avoid any injury as a result. Albeit being more expensive, it’s the safer option.

  1. Opt for partial charging

This point goes hand in hand with what we’ve mentioned before. Try to hit your charging to 80% for optimal battery longevity. Batteries work optimally when they are around the 40%-80% battery mark. 

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