Considered as the underdog within the game of social media, LinkedIn is slowly proving its worth and importance, especially when it comes to content marketing. Video marketing is nothing that we haven’t already heard of, in fact, it is incredibly popular amongst Facebook and Instagram, with 97% of businesses reporting that their marketing videos has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. Social media audiences are becoming incredibly lazy, often preferring to watch a video rather than having to read a chunk of text. Videos can make content more interesting, with the ability to engage and inspire the audience a lot more successfully than the alternative methods. 


The following tips will help assist your business to grow brand awareness as well as LinkedIn engagement through the use of videos:


  • Ditch the plan, just talk. Yes you heard us correctly, LinkedIn is all about career professionals communicating with like-minded people, sharing their tips and tricks to succeeding within the workforce. Therefore, in order to come across as genuine and sincere, audiences prefer watching an unedited video of someone talk rather than a marketing compiled video. 


  • Think about the silent reader. Often people are scrolling along their social media feeds when they shouldn’t be or when they are surrounded by other people (such as on the commute to and from work). Therefore, it is important to have subtitles on your videos so people can read along if they cannot listen to the video with sound. It is also important to accomodate for those who may have a hearing disability. 


  • Use hashtags and keywords in the video description. This will assist in improving the engagement on the video as it will appear in people’s searches when they are looking for that particular topic.


  • Short and succinct does the trick. Don’t ramble on as you will lose the interest of your audience. 


  • Include a call to action. What are you trying to achieve from this video? Determine what your goal is and include a call to action to encourage your audience to complete that goal. A good tip is to show your call to action somewhere on the screen throughout the entire video as often people don’t watch videos right until the end. 


  • Film and upload small ‘day to day’ updates via video. Rather than write a post, why not film it? It allows your audience to put a face to your business which encourages them to connect and resonate more with the business. 


  • Share some insightful wisdom that your audience will appreciate 


  • Create hype videos for new products / services / news that is coming within the business or brand. Videos allow you to show the excitement (which is contagious and will be shared amongst your audience)



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