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Talofa lava! My name is Lilly Saumalu and I’m a proud Samoan married to an equally proud and very handsome Samoan warrior, Kavana Saumalu - he kind of looks like the rock you know - auuuuu!

I first laid my maka’s on him at a bar in Mangere where he and his All Star band were playing on a rainy Saturday night. We kind of fell in love the first time we met, you know, those styles… I like him but don’t want to show too much in case, shame, he likes me as a ‘sis’ haha.  He is the light of my heart. We have our ups and downs just like any married couple and when the kids came along, the stronger we became as a unit. He truly is my soul mate.

My eldest boy Tavita is now 21, Losa 18, Moana 16 and our adopted son Billy is 10. I have a stupid soft spot for Billy – he’s cheeky, like me. And my kids know, never EVER get on the wrong side of their Mum!

My husband and I work at Murdoch textiles. I work in the canteen as a kitchen hand. Work is work. Money is money. I want my kids to be good people and like their parents, be true to themselves.

Well, that’s putting it short and sweet for now, lovelies. I’ve got to race to the shops and grab stuff to make lunches in the morning. Ok, fa laia!

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Posted on: 29 August 13 Sorted by: The Saumalu Diaries

Lilly: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Lilly: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

"I hate this…the waiting, the not knowing." - Lilly

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Posted on: 26 August 13 Sorted by: The Saumalu Diaries

Lilly: Coping

Lilly: Coping

"It was inevitable that there would be a shift in pace, everything in the last few months has been so full on, but God I wish it was ANYTHING other than this." - Lilly

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Posted on: 22 August 13 Sorted by: The Saumalu Diaries

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