Tigi: The United Front

Tigi: The United Front

I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to face the Minister but we did it.  Together.

Today was hard.  I felt torn between Man’s law and God’s.  Tavita, my Grandson is a man, I know in my heart he is good and I know why he did those illegal things.  To help the family, help his brothers and sisters.  And I can honour that.  But the other part of me felt a deep shame today having to face up in front of the Minister.  But we were all there as a family, and I was by Tavita’s side and that is more important.  Life is just a series of lessons.  And today was a big one for Tavita.  It sounds strange to say this, but I am immensely proud of him.  Like any young man, he is a bit lost and needs guidance to find his path but I know he will get there.  He is a Saumalu after all.  For now, he can guide himself to the paint brushes and come and paint my flat after he is done with the church! Another hurdle done, my Grandson.  We move on. (To the Ex Factory finals!)

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