Tigi: Biters!

Tigi: Biters!

The first thing I saw… my beautiful family.  God bless them.

I cannot believe the kids used my song for the Ex Factory final! Biters! Do I get some kind of royalty cheque for that? Intellectual Property? Haha I’m kidding.  No words can express the feeling I felt when I heard them singing that song.  I wrote it for my Dad when he passed away, many, many years ago.  I would have been younger than Tavita.  To hear them sing it tonight, it was feeling the bonds of our family brought together, full circle.  It took me back to my youth, in Samoa.  It took me back to holding Kavana as a baby for the first time, then holding each one of my Grandchildren for the first time and watching them grow…

The doctors say I will be out soon, they just need to make sure the old ticker is ok.  I told them I’m fine, just give me some Taro and I’ll be good to go! Haha I refuse to eat this hospital food.  Actually, great idea – I will ask Lilly to cook me some…

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