I remember when I was a young man… my Father asked me what I want from life.  I told him “I want to be happy”. And whatever it took to get there, that’s how I lived my life.  Pursuing happiness.  When I met my wife, it all started to fall into place.  We came to New Zealand searching for that happiness.  Did we find it? Maybe not in the way we thought we would, through work opportunities,  but our happiness came from each other, and then having our children, watching our children grow and give us Grandchildren.  I look around at my family today and they are my happiness.  They are the reason I made this journey to New Zealand – to watch them take all the opportunity and conquer the world.  My Grandchildren are everything to me.  Watching them perform in the Ex Factory opening heats, dancing the traditional dances, singing the pese Samoa, was the proudest moment of my life.  I know they worry about me, with my health but I love performing with them, it makes me so happy.  I have promised though (they forced it out of me) no more performing because I can’t help but get carried away!  So I will sit and watch and keep teaching them the old ways, I am more than happy to do that.  And who knows…maybe when they’re not looking I’ll put on one of Moana and Dev’s hippy hop tracks on and have a dance around home (to stretch the legs, you know!)

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