‘The Factory’ On Set 2

‘The Factory’ On Set 2

Hello Factory Fans

Welcome to the second 'The Factory' On Set video. This time we talk to the actress playing Losa: Rasela Sosoli as she talks about her role and how her song Summer Love (look below) will be featured in one of our episodes. We then chat to Maiya Thompson and 'Isope ‘Akau’ola (Moana and Billy respectively) as they describe their character and the difficulties of balancing school and acting. We finish with Ben Taufua and his strong connection to his character Grandfather Tigi. Ben is not an actor by trade, but reveals he gets his courage from his Grandchildren; the loves of his life (Awww!).


It was a great day on set and we hope you enjoyed our video. Check us out next week for more (like us on Facebook and Twitter so we can let you know when it is up).

Here is the talented 'Summer Love' by Rasela Sosoli who plays Losa in 'The Factory' - Warning! This song is really catchy!

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