Tavita: Welcome back, Grandpa.

Tavita: Welcome back, Grandpa.

So good to see the Man back again.  I love you, Grandpa x

I’m not one to buy into superstition or anything like that but I’d like to believe that Grandpa really did hear us singing his song.  That although on the outside he couldn’t show it, on the inside he was smiling and fighting his way back to us. Even if it was to tell us off for not singing it properly haha

What a journey.  I looked at my family tonight and thought…. You know, we are not perfect (I’m probably the least perfect) BUT we have each other.  And that was the bigger lesson we learnt by doing this competition.  The big prize wasn’t really the big prize after all but that’s ok. We came together during Ex Factory. AND on top of it all - we killed it!! (note to self…must read the fine print next time E)

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