Shoot Day #4 and Downtime Jam with Billy

Hello Factory Fans!

We have a treat for you today. 'Isope ‘Akau’ola, Milly Grant, Taofia Pelesasa, Rasela Sosoli and Shaan Kesha had a little jam in their Green room (place they get to relax when they are not needed on set). 'Isope (Billy) did an amazing cover of Adele's 'Someone like you' while being backed by the rest of the cast, check out the video below. It is going up on Facebook so give 'Isope some support by liking and sharing the video. 


We also had a tense scene between Moana and Dev! Won't give any spoilers but here is how it went down (in picture form):

Director Joe Lonie (Center) coaches Maiya Thompson (Left) and Shaan Kesha (Right) through the scene.

Dev and Moana argue.

Moana chases the angry Dev. Boom operator Adnana Taumoepeau also in the picture.

The scene over Maiya and Shaan get feedback from Joe, while Props coordinator Setu L'io wipes down the car for another take. (You might remember Setu from 'The Factory' On Set 1).

This was a great scene for both of these young actors and although they are not shown Taofia Pelesasa, 'Isope ‘Akau’ola and Rasela Sosoli provided great comic relief. Cannot wait to see it on screen in July.

Until next time!

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