Production phase over!

Production for ‘The Factory’ has finished! Saturday the 16th was our final day on set. It is sad that our production is over and that this fantastic cast and crew will all be going our separate ways. Our first episode to go live on the 24th of June and we are excited for all you fans to see our hard work.

Thank you to all of our extras who came on set on the 8th and/or the 12th of June. Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek of ‘The Factory’ and maybe you can spy yourself when the episodes go live in July and August.

That’s all for the behind-the-scenes, but keep up with our progress through Facebook and Twitter.  If you want more Behind-the-scenes check out our photo albums on Facebook or our ‘The Factory’ On Set videos on our blog.

A big thank you to New Zealand On Air for funding ‘The Factory’ and to Telecom for making this possible. Thank you to all of our fans for supporting us. Finally, thank you to South Auckland for giving us inspiration and a well of amazing talent to showcase to NZ and the world.

(Pictured) The moment of wrapping our final day of production.

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