Moana: I’m sorry, Grandpa

Moana: I’m sorry, Grandpa

I just keep thinking about our talk a few weeks ago and I feel so bad… I can’t stop crying.

I can’t stop crying.  I can’t even write this without my tears making my vision all blurry.  I feel so… ashamed.  I’ve been a real pain in the ass lately, I know that.  All the stuff with Dev and the engagement, man that was really DUMB.  I feel so selfish, and now to see Grandpa lying here, everyone upset, it’s like it’s just dawned on me now that my family is number one.  I would do anything to take back how I’ve been, and all the headaches I must have given everyone… WHY.  Why did I act like such a spoilt little shit.  All of that stuff seems so…unimportant now.  And I’m still crying.  I believe in Karma.  I’d hate to think that we’re somehow being punished for all the drama I put everyone through? I don’t know…I could never tell anyone that cos they’d all just say it wasn’t my fault.  But then why do I still feel bad? Please wake up Grandpa, I promise you I’ll be better from now on.

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