Moana: Happy Endings..? Haha!

Moana: Happy Endings..? Haha!

I had to laugh at Mum and Dad’s faces at the announcement tonight lol

“Biters”!! Haha I’m still laughing at Grandpa stealing our sayings haha... I just wanted to hug him so hard when he woke up! He’ll probably have to stay in hospital for a few more days the doctor said but once he’s out Mum wants him to come and live at our place for a bit.  We will have to all squeeze but if it means that Grandpa gets looked after then that’s fine with me.  I’m just so happy we have him back.

As for Ex Factory haha so $50,000 turns out to be $5,000 and a charity donation... we’ve got recording time in a studio though so that sounds cool. I know me and Dev have got a lot of tracks that we’re keen to turn into something.  Tbh, I’m just so happy that Grandpa is ok, nothing else matters.

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