This last week has been really really hard for me.  I’ve done a lot of thinking, and had my “alone time” as Mum calls it… and really thought about what’s important in life.  For some reason, I kept thinking back to when Grandpa first got up on the table at the Factory and showed us what we had to do for Ex Factory.  I laughed, we all did.  I was so… resistant to the idea.  Why? Cos I didn’t think it would “win”.  I didn’t think that his old school style was going to win us money.  Thinking of him now, and even thinking back to our performances, the best times we had were when we were collaborating together, fusing Grandpas style with our own stuff – it was a sound we all loved, and by default, the judges and audience loved it too and we eventually won.  But it was like the money and “winning” started fading away and it was more important that we came together.  I hope that makes sense… haha anyway so yeah that’s what I have been thinking.  I’m glad that Dev and I kinda went through what we did too… I mean it wasn’t the best way to figure things out, I’ll be the first one to admit that.  But I’m kinda glad in a way that I’ve learnt my lesson about that stuff now, instead of later down the track. So yeah, I’m just looking forward to using that studio time we won, Dev and I have been working on a lot of new stuff so who knows… stay tuned for the Saumalu family band debut album..?

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