Losa: Stuff Ex Factory

Losa: Stuff Ex Factory

Vita still wants to perform at the finals but I don’t know… it’s all too hard.

I feel… helpless.  I hate that we just have to sit around and wait while the doctors and nurses tell us what is going on.  I really don’t deal well with this stuff I guess…I always get angry.  I feel like…WHY HIM?? Grandpa is always so… fit, so full of energy and life, he is a good man, the BEST Grandfather! Right now I really don’t know what I’ll do if he – I don’t even want to say it. There’s something wrong with his heart, he had a mild heart attack and slipped into a coma… the whole thing is just so frustrating.  I have to like, get up and walk around the hospital cos I can’t just sit here, I hate seeing him like this. I’m out…

Vita wants to sing Grandpas song for Ex Factory but tbh I don’t even know if I wanna keep doing it? How can we go and perform with Grandpa lying here like this??

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