Hey guess what…? I passed my paper! Well… I didn’t actually pass the actual paper haha but I re-sat a similar paper from a past exam, my tutor marked it and I got 87% = that’s an A! So hopefully that puts me in a good place for next Semester when I do the real re-sit.  I am feeling a lot more confident about everything and ready to get that degree!! You know, in a funny way I think the whole Ex Factory thing has really helped me with school.  Like, has helped me to see the bigger picture.  I’ve realised more than ever that life is what you make of it, it’s a series of tests that you either pass or you fail.  And if you fail… you work harder and try again.  Api and all his crap has been a huge test – by that I mean that you as the individual chooses how you react to that kind of energy, you know? At the end of the day, being the bigger person means you can hold your head high.  And that’s important to me.  What happened with Grandpa was the biggest test ever, it was a lesson to me that life is precious.  Family is precious. I hold them in the highest regard. Striving hard towards my goal, my degree is my way of elevating my family, making them proud, making Grandpa smile.  I can only hope I continue to do that, and show everyone I’m proud to be a Saumalu.

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