I need a break.  I wonder if Kavana would be interested in babysitting the kids while I escape to a tropical Island by myself for a week? Haha nice try! In all honestly though, it was a good ride (apart from when Dad decided to take my oven to bits AND chop up my lemon tree for umu firewood – not impressed).  But looking back at the Ex Factory competition, I cannot express the pride I have for my family, especially my darling kids.  I still have the image in my head of Billy taking charge in the semi finals and doing Tavita’s song.  How many ten year olds do you know can do that? (sorry I do’t want to be one of those Mums but my kids really are amazing).  Looking ahead, I just want us to get back into our routine and relax for a while.  Tavita needs to get a (legal) job, Losa to focus on her studies, likewise Moana and as for Billy…well I think he needs to spend a bit more time with his Grandpa.  They have a special bond those two.  Billy really embraces the Fa’asamoa that Dad teaches him, he loves it.  Would we do Ex Factory again? I don’t know about that.  Maybe we can enter something else, ‘My Kitchen Rules’ or ‘The Block’ or something that will be more useful around the house! Haha Malo Ex Factory!

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