What an adventure.  More like a rollercoaster it was so up and down all the time.  I still remember the first day I saw the ad for Ex Factory at work and thought it would be great for the family to represent Murdoch Textiles.  In hindsight… was it a good move?  Yeah.  Just not for the original reason we wanted to do it.  I thought the money would be great, I loved the idea of Dad and the kids getting together to do something, jeez maybe I even secretly wanted to relive my youth in the band… I dunno.  We certainly got more than we bargained for – in a good way. My patience has been tested, definitely.   Think the hardest moment for me was hearing my little girl Moana announce her “engagement”.  That moment cut my heart like a knife.  Thank God nothing more came of that otherwise I know I’d be in jail right now haha. Oh I’m glad I can look back and laugh at those moments, otherwise, what is the point of it all?  I am truly blessed to have the beautiful, talented, generous family I have. Looking at Dad, slowly making his recovery surrounded by all of us, my heart is happy.

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